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A subculture of individuals who enjoy the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming limitations of software systems to achieve novel and clever outcomes.

Who we are?

We’re a German student-run nonprofit organisation focused all around coding and hacking. We try to bring a bit of silicon valley to the german computer-science and start-up community by disrupting the status quo. We do this by organising hackathons, coding boot camps and other similar events.

Our team consists of students from a variety of backgrounds: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, Economics, Business and more.

Hack & Söhne Team

What we do

We have a passion for technology and work hard to make the latest advancements accessible through hackathons, tech-talks, bootcamps and more.

We organize stuff

We organize Hackathons, Bootcamps and Tech Talks to bring people together, give them a chance to meet new companies, and of course show them a ton of new stuff. From time to time we organize hackathons to find out who is the best hacker in town.

We help out

You’re a company and want to reach students? No problem! We’re a reliable partner, at your side, ready to work together to organize your event. We make sure the event is well run, the room is filled and that nobody goes home with an empty stomach.

Latest events

React Component Library Workshop

React Component Library Workshop

Nov 20, 2021

Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz

Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz

Nov 6, 2021

Hackathonx Vol. 2

Hackathonx Vol. 2

Jun 25, 2021

Partners & Sponsors

BFK EDV-Consulting GmbH
CAS Software
SEW Eurodrive
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